We are a JET USA authorized agent. JET USA carries a complete line of Letterpress plates with different hardness, different thicknesses and either Mylar or metal base. Some commonly used plates also come with a laser ablating mask for use on Computer To Plate (CTP) laser ablating machines. All the plates are available using film as the mask. Expose times vary based on light intensity. A 21 point exposure scale must be used to set times The plates are designed to be washed out in cold water in about 4-7 minutes. The plates are dried at about 140 degrees F for about 20 minutes. Dry times vary somewhat based on relativity. The plates are post exposed for about the same time as the main exposure time. We also supply through JET USA equipment to process plates and some supplies.

JET USA also supplies a line of Photo polymer from 0.045 through 0.112. Sizes vary and some sizes can be obtained with a CTP ablating mask.